katelyn & maria

I am originally from Seattle, Washington. At 9 years old, I moved to Texas to pursue my gymnastics career. I competed on the National Team for four years and I am currently a member of the UCLA gymnastics team. However, the most important thing I have learned about myself is that I am more than just a gymnast. I am a person who does gymnastics, but when I’m not flipping, you can find me spending time with friends, reading, writing, rapping, laughing and dancing. My journey has allowed me to discover many things about myself and I’m here to share some of these discoveries with you.

~ Katelyn

I was raised in a suburb of Los Angeles and I take every opportunity to explore the various neighborhoods our diverse city has to offer. I like to keep busy: in my free time I opt to go hiking, read and write, or explore someplace new. Travel is my absolute favorite pastime — I consider merely encountering a new town to be travel. I am fortunate enough to call UCLA my current home and I am proud to say I have a second family on the gymnastics team. I look forward to sharing my musings with you all and I hope you feel comfortable talking with me about them.

~ Maria